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Glystro, the automated curtain system, bring a completely new dimension to your home. Motorised curtains are not only part of the decoration they bring your home to life. With Glystro curtain solutions, you have the freedom to create the right ambience with just a simple touch of the remote control. Glystro curtain solutions are equipped with the latest innovation - a belt driven system, whose smooth and quiet operation ensures that your customers enjoy complete peace of mind.


• Two motor units, Glystro 25 and 50 both available with built-in RTS receivers

• Suitable for virtually all types and sizes of curtains up to 12m and 50kg

• Curved rail available (consult Somfy or your nearest Glystro Partner)

• One-way or Centre opening available

• Compatible with all Home Automation and Building Management systems:
- Infrared
- Dry Contacts



• No limit settings

• Motor can be installed to the right or left

• 24 Volts for completely safe installation in any area



• Smooth and Ultra quiet operation: Glystro 50 offers unique ‘soft start & soft stop function’

• ‘my’ favourite position to memorise a preferred position

• Manual operation possible without damaging the curtains or motor

• Unique steel reinforced rubber belt will not stretch: no re-tensioning required after installation

• Tested for over 20 years of use with a 5 year warranty

Download Brochures + Specifications

Glystro - Overview (PDF 584mb) Glystro - Control Modes (PDF 256mb)
Glystro - Characteristics (PDF 420mb) Glystro - Technical Specifications (PDF 284mb)
Glystro - Installation (PDF 256mb)    



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